Featuring Mercedes sprinter vans.
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We offer the Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans for your Traveling Comfort.
Start Your Vacation With Us. Daily Service from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon ( Lees Ferry )
Travel With Us To Red Mountain Spa.
Let Us Take You Into Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort
Coming February 16th: Two Daily Runs To Salt Lake 12:15pm Run From St. George & 5:00pm From Salt Lake!


Your Premiere St. George Shuttle Service

Aztec Shuttle is locally owned and operated shuttle and charter service. Our premiere St. George Shuttle Service is based right here in Southern Utah. We are always striving to provide the very best service possible.  We frequently ask our riders about their experience with Aztec Shuttle. It’s not surprising that the most common responses about why they ride with us are:

  • They Enjoy Our Ultra Comfortable Vehicles
  • Our Premier St. George Shuttle Services Are Priced Less
  • Aztec Shuttle Has A Great Frequent Rider Card Program
  • We Drive Only 5-Star Safety Rated Vehicles
  • We Have More Convenient Stops

Our entire company philosophy is rooted in the idea of getting our passengers to their destinations on-time, safely and as comfortable as possible.

That is why we shuttle with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinters & Dodge Caravans.  Although the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the most expensive passenger van on the market, and the comfort cannot be denied. It was the fact that the Sprinter has the highest safety rating in its class that finally convinced us so much so we now have a fleet of them.  The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter also has some of the most interior space in its class. Its interior height makes it possible for almost everyone to be able to stand up and walk around inside. The seats are very, very comfortable too. Our diesel vans are also very fuel-efficient, which means we our shuttles have a lower carbon emissions and have much smaller carbon footprints than some of our competitors.

Aztec Shuttle is also very proud of our drivers and our driving record. We take special care to provide each of our drivers with additional safety training to ensure that our guests arrive at their destinations according our strict guidelines.  We even monitor the vans themselves while they are in route. Each of our vans has special software and GPS units that allow us to monitor very specific data, including the vans speed.  We do this so we can review our drivers performance and ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers.

Aztec St. George Shuttle Service Routes

Aztec Shuttle Service serves hotels, businesses, and homes throughout the St. George, Utah area with door-to-door shuttle service. Our friendly and professional drivers, our luxurious spacious vans and our reasonable rates take the hassle out of getting where you’re going. Aztec Shuttle is a company that is committed to getting you to your destination in comfort and style and on-time, but it is our attention to safety that we are the proudest of.